Thursday, 5 January 2017

Ratashaka shorties: SHS 18:1 steel gears

These SHS newest generation CNC finished steel gears are great bang for your buck! I have been using these in wide range of builds since they released first generation in 2009-2010?

They had some quality issues in Gen. 2 and 3 but these newest ones are like gen. 4.

This Gear Set has a ratio of 18.72:1 and common naming is 18:1 stock ratio gears. Gearset speed is at the same speed as most stock gears, so it gives you a same performance as most stock gearsets.

Add an 9 teeth bevel to this set and you get nice set of 20:1 gears!

These gears are great tuneup for performance buck and base for DSG and Torque builds. They are really cheap and I can fully recommend. I have had these in M170 DSG and M150 SSG guns they have been holding nicely.

These are still ACM gears and sometimes you can win ACM lottery.

I found these cheaply from Airsoft Peak (Shop that I mostly use to get my ACM parts)

SHS Torque Up High Speed Flat Gear Set 18:1 for Gearbox V2/3

Bevel Gear

MIM Machined with black oxide coating and filled shaft. Standard 10-teeth design

Step Gear 

 Sector and Step gears are fully CNC machined so reability goes sky high!

Sector Gear, remember to tighten and locktite those small screws!

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