Friday, 25 November 2016

Project RPK almost finished and moved to a new city

Long time no see!

I have had a longtime project to build most practical LMG for bigger mil-sim games. So naturally the RPK gives me all what I need. Its just a "big AK"

Bought this used for 50 euros. It had broken stock and internals.

Base gun is Cyma 052S with polymer furniture. I will remove the bi-pods and add an rail-system (probably the LCT Keymod one) with gripod.

Some tinkering and fixing and now its almost ready! 

Camo pattern is Finnish M05 Autumn/Winter "Frozen pattern" (or something like that)


  1. Retro Arms V2 gearbox
    1. 8mm bearings
    2. SHS 200% torque gears
    3. Random Cylinder parts (needs to be chanced to lonex)
    4. ASCU3 gen.3+
    5. Ares 15t piston, 
    6. Lonex POM PH
  2. Old JG blue motor (this needs to be recoiled to something faster)
  3. ZCI Lapped inner barrel with EIR hop

    Whats your favorite LMG?

I also got a new job and moved to a new city so there hasnt been happening too much in my airsoft projects.

But something new is coming all the time!