Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Project Start: Tokyo Marui M4A1 SOCOM Next Gen. Recoil Shock

Tokyo Marui M4A1 SOCOM Next Gen. Recoil Shock Project start

Spring is finally here and our airsoft season is starting fully. I wanted to have something new and interesting to tinker around. So I was able to acquire second hand unused TM recoil M4 that has been laying in closet since 2009.

Gun in in good condition but internals need some sweet care. New TM Gun should shoot about 0.9J but this one shot only 0.5J! Overall performance is really sluggish etc. Time to open it up and upgrade this beast where it belongs!

My plan is to make my CQB-Gun that shoots about 1,2J with 0.30 BB (for the best range and accuracy). I have some SHS and Orga parts already but I will check is there anything that needs to be upgraded in TM gun. (They work really well with stock setup)

I want to keep this gun in quite basic setup externally. Something like that you can find in movie SWAT. I had G&P M500 handguard laying around and it fits really well to this classic.

G&P M500 is upgraded already wit 1200 lumen LED module so opponents will be stunned by the awesomeness of this!

I also managed to get BTC Spectre for next gen and it will arrive soon! Cant wait for it!

Some pictures of internals that are waiting for this project:

I will be keep you updated how this project progress, stay tuned!