Sunday, 24 April 2016

Back in business

Terve! (Hi in Finnish)

It has been a really long time when I last time published here anything. R-Hop tutorial has been quite popular since 2012 and it starts to be quite outdated now in 2016. I am planning to write updated one in english in coming weeks!

I have been mainly writing my Finnish blog / technical articles in but my plan is to activate this english version with shorter stories.

I have lots to write about already and now when I have a dayjob it makes getting new stuff to test much easyer!

Coming articles in spring 2016:

- Odin Innovations M12 BB-Loader
- Jefftron V2 Processor unit
- How to build N52 Frankentorque
- Ares Amoeba 140 Midcaps
- Updated IR-Hop Guide
- Tokyo Marui Next Gen. M4 SOCOM EBB

So lots to wait for! Stay tuned

Is anybody coming to Berget this year? Its my fifth one!

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