Thursday, 28 April 2016

Lonex / Lancer Tactical MMC PDW AEG

Lonex / Lancer Tactical MMC PDW AEG

Boys from the Tradesoft sent me some interesting new stuff to try out! CQB-AEGs mainly!

I have tested older models of Lonex M4 AEG before and they are really one of the best stock guns (technically) there is! This time I got my hands on MMC PDW model.

This gun goes by many names: In U.S its under Lancer Tactical brand, in Europe its BO Dynamics (or something like that) but its OEM by Lonex and I have here original OEM gun.

I wont write as long technical tests in these english versions (this will change) but I will let the pictures do the talking. 

Gun has some nice features and really top notch internals! All the parts are sold separately as a tuneup parts so this gun is quite a bargain. 


  • QD Spring Change
  • BUIS
  • AFG
  • Polymer Flash Mag
  • EBB Electronic BlowBack (can be upgraded to Recoil Shock)
  • Freefloat Rail System
  • Integrated Mock Silencer
  • Ergonomic Pistol grip
  • Sling attachment point for one point slings in end-plate
  • Fake bolt can be locked back and released with bolt release

Gun itself has nylon fiber reinforced polymer receiver and rail system. Ergonomic pistol grip and crane style stock is also made from same sturdy material. All the small bits and pieces are made from high quality steel and my trusty test magnet attaches almost to all small metal parts.

Fake bolt can be loaded back and be released with bolt release. This makes dialing the hopup much easier. 

Gun also has a EBB that's quite nice feature to have for those who wants some little realistic extra. Its really easy to disable if you want to! (Just remove two screws on top of the gearbox)

 Outer barrel and mock silencer is made from stainless steel. So it gives lots of weight end sturdy feeling for this small gun.

You can add some foam inside the tube to get more muffled sound. Inner barrel goes almost to the front of the can.

Polymer BUIS that can be flipped down.

As said: body is made of really high quality polymer. Body itself is quite light but internals and outer barrel gives this gun lots of weight.

QD-Spring system and recoil upgrade takes all that room inside the buffer tube. You have to use crane-stock or battery pouch to accommodate your battery.

In lonex version recoil shock has to be bought separately. Not sure about BO and Lancer versions.


  • 8 mm. reinforced V2 gearbox (EBB Version)
  • M120 Spring that gives out 1,44J with 0,20g bb and 1,7J with 0.30g (joule creep...)
  • 8 mm. Steel ballbearings with enclosed casing
  • 18:1 Steel Gears 
  • Steel Cutoff lever
  • A5 Ferrite motor (A2 with recoil shock package)
  • Red 14t piston
  • POM Piston head (AoE version)
  • POM Nozzle with o-ring
  • Steel Cylinder
  • Steel Spring guide with ball bearings
  • Low-Res wiring to back with mini tamya connector
  • etc good lonex stuff
Gun uses also nice rotary style hop up with Lonex 70 bucking. Stock barrel is brass and it should be 6.04 mm.

Modified V2 gearbox, quick change spring system can be seen quite clearly.

Nice 14t piston that has full metal teeth rack

Nicest stock gears that I have seen in any gun.

Nozzle has O-ring for better air seal. Cylinder is steel and bit overvolumed. Its meant for 363+ barrel. Compression is great!


My real Eotech goes nicely with this gun! ;)

Performance for this gun is awesome. I could get all the bbs to a oil barrel in 60 meters ( about 200 feet). Thats quite good performance with this short gun. Stock spring gave me about 1,44J with 0,20G and 1,7-1,8J with 0,30g bb, rise in ouput is because cylinder is overvolumed.

Gun shoots too hot for CQB with stock spring but its really easy to change.

MMC is not a light gun and pistol grip is quite large so you need big hands that its comfortable. But luckily its really easy to chance to grip that suits your hands better. Dont be alarmer, I liked it alot but I have large man-hands! ;)

Great performer, solid construction and nice recoil (especially with recoil shock).

Maybe not most beautiful gun on the market.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Quick Flat-Hop Guide


This is easy and short version of popular Hop Up mod called Flat Hop, its idea is to have longer contact surface to bb to give it better and more stable backspin.

You do this by

Flat-hop is great upgrade for your airsoft gun, its easy to make, gives good results compared to stock hop-up. It has its drawbacks compared to IR-HOP or R-HOP but in normal AEG 1 - 1,6J power range its a good alternative.

I would recommend this for AEGs with 1 - 1,7J and 0,28g or 0,33g Good quality ammo.


  • Increased range
  • Increased accuracy
  • lets you use heavier bbs 
  • Sounds cool when you are selling your gun! ;)
Cons: (compared to IR-hops)
  • Wears out quite fast, faster if you don't clean your setup regularly
  • Not that tolerant to cold weather
  • Bucking is still acting as air-seal and spins the bb
  • Wont give as good results with heavy bbs and high power levels (0,40+ 3J+)

Amped Airsoft have made really good video guide:

The guide:

"Classic Nub and hopup / Flat-Hop"

You need:
  • Sharp knife or blade (I use spare blades from box cutter)
  • Quick Glue for nub ( Locktite 406)
  • Hop-Up Bucking and Flat-hop Nub (Prometheus Purple or Lonex 70)
  • Fine Sandpaper, to finish your cutting
  • Pliers to turn bucking around
Recommended product, mainly for M4 platform:
  • Lonex 70 Bucking
  • Madbull red (for Wolverine HPA)
  • Prometheus Purple
  • Prometheus Flat nub
  • Firefly Namazu nub
  • PDI Barrels 
  • Prometheus 6.03 and 6.05
  • Orga 6.05
  • ZCI 6.02 / 6.03
  • G&P M4 Hopup unit
  • Prowin M4 hopup 
  • Systema M4 hopup unit
  • Lonex M4 Hopup unit 

1. Take your bucking and turn it around so you can cut off  those pesky ridges that are inside the bucking. Put bucking over your barrel and use your blade to take those off.

2. Finish the process by sanding rough surface to bit smoother. You can use silicon oil to make that even smoother.

Remember to remove ridge that pushes the bb normally and also that longer ridge that goes to barrels groove. This will be explained later.

You can fill that groove from the barrel with glue or silicone. This helps with the airseal!

3. Turn the bucking around again and put it aside to wait for later stages

4. Optional: You may need to enlarge you barrels "window" to get best results. This varies between different barrels. Orga, Prometheus and PDI has already box-like windows so there is no need for modification normally. This also goes with most of the stock barrels. If the front wall of the window is sloped then you have to make these modifications.

Just file that slope flat and make sure that there is no burrs inside the barrel!

5. Put your bucking back to its place over the barrel and turn it around about 45 degrees. So that smooth uncut part of the bucking goes over the hopup window (this is possible only if you cut that long ridge off)

6. If you are using normal flat-hop nub then now is the time to install it to the hopup arm (piece that pushes nubs towards the bucking). Cut it to fit your window (inside the hopup unit) and use some glue to fix it in its place. Cut more from  the "front" than from the "rear"

If you want to use eraser or M-Nub then you need to remove prongs for you hopup-arm and  glue new nub to its place. Remember to cut M-Nub short enough that it will fit your hopup window.

For Prowin M4 hopup you can use normal Flat-hop nub or you can get Flat-hop arm from Shapeways (you can use EIR hops with this!)

6. Just assemble you hop up as normally and start testing. Remember to check that your nozzle alignment is spot on!

If bb curves to one side or the other then your nub is not straight. You can try to fix this by turning inner barrel opposite side but first i would check nubs position.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Back in business

Terve! (Hi in Finnish)

It has been a really long time when I last time published here anything. R-Hop tutorial has been quite popular since 2012 and it starts to be quite outdated now in 2016. I am planning to write updated one in english in coming weeks!

I have been mainly writing my Finnish blog / technical articles in but my plan is to activate this english version with shorter stories.

I have lots to write about already and now when I have a dayjob it makes getting new stuff to test much easyer!

Coming articles in spring 2016:

- Odin Innovations M12 BB-Loader
- Jefftron V2 Processor unit
- How to build N52 Frankentorque
- Ares Amoeba 140 Midcaps
- Updated IR-Hop Guide
- Tokyo Marui Next Gen. M4 SOCOM EBB

So lots to wait for! Stay tuned

Is anybody coming to Berget this year? Its my fifth one!